Committee Members

Committee Members plan, facilitate and coordinate YP activities. This includes social media, annual meeting events, webinars and more.

All committee members serve a one year term, with the exception of the Past Chair, Chair and Co-Chair. The Adviser, Kristy Burkhalter, oversees the YP Committee.

Please welcome your Committee Members for the 2019-2020 term:

  • Chair – Stormy Freese
  • Co-Chair – Kristina Lopez
  • Past Chair – Edmund Norris
  • Committee Member – Kaitlyn O’Donnell
  • Committee Member – Steven Peper
  • Committee Member – Hadis Hosseinzadehnaseri
  • Committee Member – Erin Plaisance
  • Committee Member – Caleb Corona
  • Committee Member – Pablo Cabrera
  • Committee Member – Sarah Erspamer
  • Committee Member – Corey Day

YP Advisory Group

The YP Advisory Group (YPAG) oversees the YP Committee.